CalaCool Skin Relief Products

The CalaCool range of lotions, gel and spray has been developed with the aim of replacing traditional Calamine lotion with a much better product that is more acceptable to the user.

Calamine lotion has been around now for over a century with little improvement in all that time. Although effective in reducing itching, It is messy, needs shaking, and leaves a dry, pink powdery stain on the skin.

CalaCool products are not only more effective, they are also much more consumer friendly. The various formulas do not leave a pink, dry, powdery stain on the skin and they are practically invisible after application.. The products include moisturisers, so that they are not drying to the skin and due to the extra ingredients in CalaCool, they are much more effective than normal Calamine Lotion.

There are four versions of CalaCool:

CalaCool Skin Relief Spray

CalaCool Skin Relief Lotion

CalaCool with Menthol Skin Relief Lotion

CalaCool Skin Relief Gel

For relieving insect bites, allergic itching, and relieving itchy dry skin. Available in a 250ml bottle